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Project group A: Data Processing

A01: Gradient descent for deep neural network learning

PIs: H. Rauhut, M. Westdickenberg

A02: Scattering transforms of sparse signals

PI: H. Führ

A03: Group actions and t-designs in sparse and low rank matrix recovery

PIs: H. Führ, G. Nebe, H. Rauhut

A06: Theta tensor norms and low rank recovery

PIs: G. Fourier, H. Rauhut

A07: Signal processing on graphs and complexes

PI: M. Schaub

A08: Sparse exit wave reconstruction via deep unfolding

PI: B. Berkels

A09: Regularizing neural network classification using random perturbations

PIs: S. Krumscheid, H. Rauhut, R. Tempone

Project group B: Kinetic and Parametric Models

Project group C: Singular and geometric PDEs

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